Support Services


An individual may need to apply for Medicaid or other benefits.  The Guardian may ask GAP and/or the Conservator to help them determine which forms and ask for assistance in completing the forms.


The Guardian is not responsible for finances, but they work closely with the County Conservator.   If the individual has no property, then the court will ask that someone apply through Social Security Administration to become the Representative Payee.

GAP, Marshall County Guardianship Program, Inc. focuses on being an advocate for Community Volunteers offering knowledgeable support so they can serve the wards with confidence.   The Board of Directors for GAP consists of a diverse group of professionals- attorneys, social workers, nurses, financial advisors, court clerks- who may be called upon to answer any questions that may arise.  The care of our Adults who are Aging and Adults with Disabilities in Marshall County is a TEAM effort.

Quality of Life

Everyone has the right to enjoy life and be free of abuse or neglect.  Guardians are that lifeline to ensuring a quality of life.  They are the eyes, ears, and mouth of the ward in their care, and are responsible for reporting to the courts and/or GAP.


There may come a time that the individual needs to move- from their own home to assisted living, or to a nursing home.  GAP is there to guide Community Volunteers through the options and process as needed.