Our Story

Marshall County Guardianship Program (GAP) began in October 2009 because a few citizens involved with the Probate Court noticed a "GAP" with our aging population.   
The aging population was increasing so rapidly that it had recently been termed the "Silver Tsunami".
As our culture continued to change, more of our aging citizens were left with no family members or others available to assist them with healthcare needs and/or daily living activities. 
Until the establishment of our program, the County Conservator was appointed to manage more than 60 individuals.  When the work load was too much to bear, the courts appointed the Sheriff.  Not only did the sheriff have other pressing duties, but it became an added cost to Marshall County to provide staff to oversee the extra tasks at hand.  Due to this, the GAP program was organized to "fill the GAP" for Marshall County Citizens.



A Qualified Group

Volunteers are individuals living in our community who willingly give of themselves to help others.  Community Volunteers participate in a training course and receive pertinent information throughout the year to assist them.  GAP's Executive Director is readily available to support the Volunteers in any way needed- help with completion of forms, aid with housing options, or just lend a listening ear.